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Let Florida Lawn Care Pros Keep Pocket Gophers on the Run

Insects are not the only creatures who prompt calls to Florida lawn care professionals. The Sunshine State is also home to several, small mammals that have a tendency to destroy lawns. Among them are Geomys pinetis. They are also not-so-affectionately known as pocket gophers and you’ll find them wreaking havoc in a number of Florida counties.

How do people distinguish these underground pests from mole crickets or other culprits? For one, the tunnel systems tend to be longer and the openings differ. For instance, mole cricket tunnels typically do not go beyond 50 feet in length and are rather narrow when compared to that of pocket gophers. Plus, they tend to leave the tunnel openings exposed.

Pocket gophers, on the other hand, tend to be more cautious. Their tunnels typically reflect their body sizes and sheer muscle power. As such, the creatures worry about same size or smaller predators wriggling into their respective spaces. So, they typically camouflage the tunnel openings with mounds of lawn debris. It isn’t always easy to do either because the tunnels may reach 3-inches in diameter or more and run in excess of 100 feet in length.

Springtime traditionally marks the start of the lawn pests’ breeding cycles. Therefore, calling for Florida lawn care service in late February and early March is a good idea. Professionals can assess for the presence of overwintering pocket gophers and remove them before they have a chance to procreate. Why is early removal of the utmost importance?

Remember that annually, each fertile female may generate up to seven or eight offspring. Those offspring will be ready to start families of their own come the following year. And depending on the species, each family member may tunnel great distances as well as eat up to 1 pound of roots a day. Clearly, that spells trouble for Floridians’ lawns. To learn more about eradicating pocket gophers before they destroy acres of property, please contact us.

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