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Make Sure Your Yard is in Top Shape For Thanksgiving Guests

Five Tips: Keep Your Yard in Shape for Thanksgiving

Venice Pest Control provides a variety of resources to residents in the areas of Charlotte and Sarasota, Florida. Five of the best methods for keeping your yard in top shape are basic and easy to remember. However, they can be difficult to implement when you get busy. For example, everyone knows that keeping clutter and trash from the lawn is important; however, this is something that can be overlooked during the Thanksgiving season. 

Other busy times of the year can also make it easy to ignore the length of the grass. Make sure that your trash cans are always covered because any smell coming from the cans can attract small critters, which also invite ticks. Finally, you can make an appointment with a pest-control company for a lawn treatment that will prevent ticks from building their nests in your yard. In all of these situations, the most important thing is to figure out how to make time to perform the necessary maintenance to ensure that your guests will enjoy their visit.

Preventing Infestations

Keep your yard in great shape by preventing the grass and weeds from growing too long. This is one of the quickest ways to prevent small ticks and insects from building their nests in your yard. Short grass can also deter other rodents from getting too comfortable, and many of these critters carry ticks into the area around your home. Working in your garden can also prevent moles, raccoons and prairie dogs from digging up your lawn when you are asleep or engaged in other activities. The scent of human beings is enough to keep many different kinds of pests away from your lawn. However, it is also necessary to perform different types of lawn treatments to take care of the pests that will build their nests around your lawn no matter what preventative actions you take.

Types of Lawn Treatments

There are different methods available to treat your lawn. The pre-treatment option is available as a preventative measure, for example. Chemical sprays are effective, and there are also treatment methods that do not use chemicals at all. These alternative methods use bait and poison traps that are placed around the perimeter of the property. If you do decide to use a chemical treatment, you can speak with one of our friendly representatives to learn about the different options available including fumigation or liquid treatments.

Signs of Infestation

Tick infestations are difficult to detect through ordinary observation of your lawn. However, if you have a pet, you may notice that they have become infected. This is one of the best methods for determining if your lawn has a tick problem. Ticks may also appear on the heads of small children after they enter the home from playing around grass or trees. Female ticks can lay thousands of eggs in your yard, but they are barely visible to the human eye. If you notice any signs of a tick infestation, it is time to call a professional from Venice Pest Control to determine the best course of action. 

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