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Moving from Spring to Summer: Florida Lawn Care Considerations

Florida residents know that for those living here, the changing of seasons is not as distinct as it is for people living further from the equator. According to theNew Floridian, our four seasons according to climate are not nearly as distinct as the other seasons that Florida is known for: Hurricane Season, Snowbird Season, Strawberry Season, Fishing Season, and Alligator Mating Season.

As we move from spring to summer, however, longtime Florida residents know that this time of year brings special lawn care concerns. 

First, summer means rain, and with rain comes ancillary problems. Low-lying areas quickly become swampy and can provide perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other moisture-loving pests. Since torrential rain is common in Florida, especially in summer, those who live in low-lying areas should make proper provisions for drainage.

Second, summer is the beginning of one of the seasons mentioned above, Hurricane Season. Florida homeowners are therefore encouraged to prepare their lawns at the beginning of the season to ensure their safety and the safety of their neighbors in the event of a storm. In addition to bringing high-force winds and rain, hurricanes also force most residents to deal with storm surges, tornadoes, and flooding as well. Keeping lawns free of debris and trimming trees and bushes in advance is a good place to start. 

Third, the intense heat of a Florida summer often has an effect on grasses. When temperatures inch above the 80s, many types of grasses begin to lose color and more easily show signs of wear and tear. Knowing what sort of grass you have and how best to care for it lowers the risk that your lawn will suffer serious damage. 

With experts predicting another hot summer for 2016, the time is right to consider how best to care for your lawn in the days ahead. If pests are one of your main concerns, your best bet is to consult with a pest control professional. 

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