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Pest Prevention : Keeping Your Baby Safe

When you see a roach or a bug in your home, it is understandable that you want to use bug spray right away especially if you have a young child in your home. However, reliable and experienced pest control experts, like Venice Pest Control, will tell you that many of these sprays contain harmful ingredients. You may be successful in killing these pests, but you also may cause harm to you and your baby.

How Pests Can Cause Harm to Your Family

We all know that pests are unsanitary. Pests are also dangerous. Cockroaches and mouse droppings can trigger allergies and asthma by producing allergens. Mosquitos and flies carry diseases and germs as well. And so, of course, you will do everything possible in keeping your baby safe. The thing is, however, pesticides can be harmful in which children are more susceptible to become harmed by them.

Pest Prevention

When it comes to keeping your baby safe, there are several things you can do. For one, you can take various steps for pest prevention. In fact, pest prevention is the first step. With this, you may not be able to keep all pests out of your home, but you will severely reduce the attraction of more pests from coming into your home. Having said this, the following are several steps you can use to prevent pests from infiltrating your home:

  1. Immediately pick up crumbs and food spills.
  2. After snacks and meals, wash and dry your dishes. Also, maintain clean floors, sinks, and counters.
  3. Food debris tends to collect overtime under big kitchen appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, so clean under them.
  4. Store food in the refrigerator or airtight lids. For food stored in box containers, ensure they are sealed.
  5. Frequently take out the trash, and keep a tight lid on the trash can. Keep outdoor trash bins as far as possible from your house.
  6. Fix leaks in the home and clean up excess moisture right away from sinks and counters.

Pests need food, water, and shelter just like people. However, adhering to these prevention steps will go a long way thus making your home unappealing to pests.

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