Pests love to hide in and around your home and can become a real nuisance. If you know their favorite hiding places, you will be able to watch out for them and hopefully get rid of them altogether. Here are some common hiding places for pests in Florida. 

Dark Places

Dark places such as attics, closets and basements are ideal hiding places for pests. Most pests are attracted to dark places because they know they will be away from people and noise. Also, attics and basements are particularly easy for some pests to get into as they often have small crevices that lead to the outside. If you have a pest problem and are looking for the root of it, check out your attic and basement. Chances are, pests are living in one of those places. 

In Your Bedroom

Bed bugs are common pests that love to hide in clothes, carpeting, furniture and mattresses. If you notice signs of a bedbug issue in your home, there is no doubt that these pests are hiding in your bedroom. 

Inside Vegetation

To pests, your garden looks like dinner. All pests are attracted to vegetation, both for eating and hiding purposes. Trees, shrubbery and gardens are perfect places for pests to hide while being able to have a convenient food supply. This goes for both outdoor and indoor plants. Make sure you take care of your plants and protect them from harmful pests who will kill them over time. 

In Your Garage

Pests hide out in your garage because it is easy for them to get in there. With the frequent opening and closing of garage doors, pests can come in and out as they please. It becomes an issue when pests begin to come into your home through your garage. Whether the weather is hot or cold, pests will be attracted to hiding out in your garage for shelter and safety from their predators. Take time to clean out your garage and make sure you do not have a pest problem on your hands. 

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