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Pests to Look Out For as the Months Get Colder

Whether you like colder or warmer weather, there is one thing that almost nobody likes about the colder months of the year: pests invading your home! The marvel of modern HVAC technology allows us to keep our homes at just the right temperature no matter the time of year. Unfortunately, pests found out about this, and they want in. Many types of critters that are sensitive to colder temperatures will seek shelter inside your home when it starts to cool down. And while you can’t really blame them, you can certainly be ready for them. Here are some of the top pests to look out for during colder weather. 

Rats and Mice

Rodents such as rats and mice are inclined to find ways into your home, no matter what the weather is like outside, in search of food and water. But cold weather gives them even more of a reason to move indoors. Rodents are often known to seek warm, safe environments in the colder months, leading to increased risk of infestation in the winter. Make sure to seal entry points and cracks that could allow rodents in.


Cockroaches are another common pest to look out for during the fall and winter. Because they do not generate their own heat, cockroaches often need to move from place to place to adapt. When temperatures lower, these pests can enter a state of reduced activity and metabolism called diapause; however, a warm environment such as a house, may allow them to remain active and feeding even during the winter. Keeping your food sealed and your living space tidy is a good first step to preventing a cockroach infestation.


These slippery little pests get their name from their shiny, flexible, almost fishlike bodies. Silverfish, although small, are a nuisance, and can cause damage to a number of different household items including clothing and books. They are attracted to moisture and food as well as paper and cloth products, and are one of the most common winter pests in Florida. If you start to see silverfish, make sure newspapers, clothes, boxes, and food are properly stored to make your home less attractive to them.

We’re Here For You!

Dealing with pests as the weather changes can be stressful. The good news is that you never have to allow an infestation to interfere with your life. If you are having trouble with the above pests or others, Call Venice Pest Control today! 

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