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Resolving to Live Pest-Free in 2015

Is there a secret to effective pest control? While your neighbors or friends may swear by a particular regimen, the answer isn't quite so easy as jumping on the bandwagon. The only proven way to manage pests is to get an annual plan tailored to your property.


Different Tactics for Different Pests

Pests come in many forms; each species leaves a unique calling card to mark its presence, but these traces are difficult to distinguish. In most cases, you need some professional experience. Property owners with annual pest control contracts get the benefit of working with someone who can keep an eye on continuing problems and devise a plan that combats serious issues with the appropriate responses.


When Should I Get Started?

The New Year is by far the best time to get an annual contract plan started. During the height of the coldest season, many insects enter a state of dormancy; their lowered activity levels make them far easier to eliminate. If major repairs are necessary to deal with damage caused by larger pests, such as birds and small mammals, doing the work in winter greatly reduces the risk that egg-laying insects might enter your home through construction openings.


All effective control plans begin with a home assessment. There are many ways to solve pest problems, so professionals need accurate knowledge to discern the best course of control action. Take control of what comes and goes at your property, and enjoy the peace of mind you get from a pest-free existence by investigating annual contracts before spring rolls around and your pest woes multiply.

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