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Termites Can Destroy Home Foundations

Is your home suffering from severe foundational damage that you can't figure out? Foundation damage is a serious problem: it can cause your home to shift, causing cracks in walls, an inability to close doors, and any number of other problems.

What does this have to do with termites? Plenty: termites have been known to attack the wooden support structures in a home's foundation. The damage is often severe enough to cause cracks in the cement foundation, shifting the foundation and causing your home to shift.

How does this happen? Well, termites actually prefer cool, damp, and dark places to make their nests. That's why you're not as likely to see termites lurking your living areas: that's much too bright (not to mention too populated) for most termites to handle. As a result, you'll find most of them lurking in the basement.

And what kind of wood are they going to find in the basement? Foundation supports. Lacking many other food options, they will attack this foundation support and destroy it in a relatively short period of time. In fact, a determined group of termites may be able to devastate a foundation in less than a month. When they finish with your foundation support beams, they may even start going after wooden floors and walls in your home.  

What can you do if termites are destroying your foundation? Start by calling a professional foundation repairman and then hiring a pest control expert. They will eliminate the termites in your basement and give your foundation repair technician the ability to permanently repair and improve your beleaguered foundation.

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