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Termites Could Hit South Florida Like A Hurricane

New termite population estimates are likely to set the hair of most Florida residents on end: it is estimated that by 2040, half the structures in South Florida will be infested by termites. This is the highest concentrated growth of termites in the nation.

Why is the termite population predicted to grow so quickly in Florida? The intermingling of the two most prominent termite species (Asian and Formosan) in one state is to blame. Florida is the only state in the country that is infected by these two damaging pests, which doubles the potential impact and spread of termites and damage in your home.

Where do these termite species interlace? Mostly in the south, near Palm Beach County and Key West. However, the Formosan also spreads as far north as South Carolina, making them the more dangerous of the two termite breeds. What kind of damage could the surge in termite population cause in Florida?

More than you might imagine. Imagine 10 million termites attacking the foundation of an apartment building. Most termites, especially the Asian, prefers living in subterranean areas. As a result, they are hard to find and treat. Left untreated, they could cause severe enough damage to a foundation to cause a building to shift or even collapse.

What can you do to avoid this problem? Start by getting the foundation of your home sprayed with pesticide regularly. And then set up a yearly termite inspection and control schedule. This will help keep your home free of termites even as the population grows exponentially.

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