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Ways to Avoid Attracting Ticks

Ticks, which look like spiders, are nuisances that many Florida homeowners have to face. And, at times, they can be dangerous. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to keep these pests away from you and your family.

Ticks and Your Home

Ticks often attach themselves to dogs and sometimes to human skin. Then, when the dog or the person goes inside, the ticks can find hiding spots in walls and in other places.

The good news is that, without supplies of food, ticks usually can't survive more than a few days inside a house. The bad news, though, is that ticks can spread Lyme disease and other infections. These conditions can be life-threatening.

To avoid ticks, you could apply an insect repellent to your skin, shoes, and clothing before heading outside. Don't forget to spray your dog as well.

Then, just before you go indoors, look yourself over to make sure there aren't any ticks on you. Also, you could run a tick comb through your pet's fur.

Your Yard: No Ticks Allowed

Your yard could easily turn into a magnet for ticks. To keep those bugs at bay, trim your bushes frequently. Mow your grass often. And don't let your yard get too shady. Ticks dislike open and sunlit areas, which are too dry for their moisture-loving bodies.

Rake fallen leaves as often as you can, and always clean up your lawn clippings and twigs. Otherwise, these kinds of organic matter will start to decompose, and they'll attract ticks.

You might research plants that drive away ticks, a group that includes chrysanthemums and garlic. Then try planting a few of them.

Moreover, if you drop cedar chips along the edges of your yard, you can discourage ticks from invading. If you prefer, you could use other materials to create a border that those arachnids won't want to cross. Sawdust, gravel, sand, and organic pesticide are a few examples.

Keep in mind that some woodland creatures can carry ticks. Thus, you might put up a fence to keep wild animals out.

Venice Can Help

If you think you're dealing with a tick infestation or if you're interested in tick prevention services, you can always get in touch with Venice Pest Control.

Venice Pest Control has been handling the pest control needs of area residents for decades. Contact Venice Pest Control for a free quote.

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