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What Pests Are Creeping Into Your Kitchen?

Pesky ants marching across your picnic table or blanket are annoying. You have to rush to cover your food and keep it all safe. 

But it’s even worse when they come into your home, trying to eat everything in sight. Pests are attracted to all kinds of food, but what food attracts them the most? Keep reading to learn more. 

Sugary Snacks and Baked Goods

Several different pests enjoy sweet treats, especially ants and stinging insects. 

They will go after sweet, sugary snacks that you leave out on the table or the counter. This includes baked goods that you leave out for them as well. 

Sweet Beverages

Just as sugary foods attract pests, so do sweet drinks. 

This includes any juice, soda or alcoholic drinks that you forgot about. You may have forgotten that you poured one in a cup or left one in an open container. 

Take care when raising a can, bottle or glass to your lips that you might have left exposed to critters. You may not be aware that a bee landed on or in your cup. And if you aren’t careful, that bee will sting you.

Fresh Produce

Many people leave their fresh fruit on the counter to ripen. This could include bananas, oranges, mangoes or apples. 

The problem when you leave fruit exposed is that the sweet smell will attract pests, such as fruit flies, to the area. 

So do not leave any fruit out. Instead, place any of it in an airtight container or in your refrigerator. 

Packaged Foods

Even though manufacturers seal packaged foods, they can still attract unwanted pests. 

Food such as flour, pasta and cereal can draw the attention of many different critters. It is important that you stop leaving these types of food in the packaging that they came in. Rather, remove them and place them in airtight containers.


Any crumbs left over from a snack or a meal is an invitation for pests to invade your kitchen. 

After you have finished eating, make sure that you put away any remaining food. But also be sure to clean up any spills or crumbs. Keeping your kitchen clean is a great way to deter pests from entering or staying in your home. 

If you find that you have a pest infestation, don’t handle it on your own. 

At Venice Pest Control, we do all that we can to eliminate pests. We can help with pest control, rodent control or even termite control.

Contact us at Venice Pest Control today!

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