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Where Did My Roach Infestation Come From?

A roach infestation is something to take very seriously. After seeing one cockroach in the home, you should expect more to be hiding elsewhere. With that said, pest control services need to take care of your problems as soon as possible.

But to make sure to try and never cause another cockroach infestation, it is important to understand how they are caused in the first place.

Where Do Cockroaches Come From?

The short answer to this question is that people bring them into their homes. Without the reliance on human beings, cockroaches won’t have the resources they need to survive and thrive.

It is difficult for most people to imagine a natural habitat for cockroaches that isn’t somebody’s home. Cockroaches do live in settings such as caves and forests, but the real motivator for a cockroach to leave its home is for a human to go where it lives to unintentionally take it to a new place.

Cockroaches have more intellect than people tend to give them credit for. When they see humans, they think of food. Therefore, it only makes sense for cockroaches to get transportation from humans in order to access the foods that they crave.

However, cockroaches can live virtually anywhere, so there are more places rather than just caves and forests where cockroaches can dwell and encounter human life. On a city bus, for example, a cockroach can crawl into your bag or backpack when you aren’t looking. In a hotel, a roach can slip into a luggage bag of yours as you sleep. They hide amongst your belongings until you take them home where they can enjoy food, water and shelter, in addition to a place where they can lay their eggs.

Can Cockroaches Come to My Home Another Way?

If somebody doesn’t bring cockroaches into your home, just having an inventory of food is another way that cockroaches can come and start an infestation. They are known for smelling sugar from long distances and can move into your home regardless of where they live around it. Open food containers and bags, as well as dirty dishes, are more likely to attract cockroaches, so it is very important to keep your kitchen clean and your pantry protected.

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